The Google of Virtual Currency? Bithumb Launches ‘Bithumb Info’, a Korean-style Block Chain Coin Search Engine



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The Google of Virtual Currency? Bithumb Launches ‘Bithumb Info’, a Korean-style Block Chain Coin Search Engine



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Bithumb opened their own specialized block chain coin search engine ‘BitCoin Info’.


Bithumb (CEO: Kim, Dae-sik /, the world’s largest virtual currency exchange, announced that it has launched its own block chain coin search engine called ‘Bithumb Info,’ where users can easily check information on coin-related transactions.


In addition to its most prominent feature of block chain searches, Bithumb Info also offers offers a 24-hour statistical analysis service and real-time transaction information on virtual currency.


Bithumb Info’s strongest point is its block chain ‘Coin Search’ function, which is the first of its kind to be implemented in Korea. Through block chain platform based algorithms, Bithumb Info can look up transactions from Transaction IDs (TXID) that is generation each time a trade takes place, in addition to providing transaction wallet addresses for coin-related transactions. Users can now check the flow of coins being traded, removing the frustration of having to wait for a long period of time to check information on transactions. It can also detect fabricated transaction details, making each transaction safer and more secure.



This optimized service allows users to search for 5 different types of coins—Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Dash—setting itself apart from the previously existing search engine in which only Bitcoin could be searched for. This is expected to be good news for users who were hoping to check information regarding various types of coin transactions.


Furthermore, users of the new site can now check coin prices in real-time through the ‘Real-Time Transaction Information’ function. Important details such as the current market cap, fluctuation range, trade volume and more for a total of 7 types of coins ranging from Bitcoin to Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which are all presently listed on Bithumb. Three (3) types of information will be provided: real-time price changes, a real-time chart, and comprehensive information. In addition, the site has added an electronic display board mode, which allows users to check transaction information in real-time, even when they are offline.



In addition, information such as the number of bitcoins mined, the average value of block creation time, and the number of created blocks can be determined by the ‘Statistics’ service function. Bitcoin miners can also quickly and conveniently find useful information including the earnings on bitcoins they’ve obtained and the total number of bitcoins that have currently been released.


‘Bithumb Info’ will provide services in seven (7) different languages including Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese.


A source at Bithumb said, “The BitThumb Info service is a fully optimized function in which users can conveniently and productively receive information on the block chains they want, from transaction information to market value, with just a single coin search,”  and added, “We’re aiming to additionally expand with a further sophisticated service going forward and put out a top-tier virtual currency transaction platform.”



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Having exploded in growth and for consistently holding the top spot for worldwide virtual currency transactions, Bithumb, the world’s #1 virtual currency stock exchange, is seeing monthly transaction numbers exceeding 12 trillion (as of July 2017) since beginning its service in January 2014, and has become a virtual currency stock exchange that represents South Korea. Bithumb is a virtual currency-based finance platform business that not only works in the field of virtual currency transactions with platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum but is also expanding its field of business into areas such as payment businesses and overseas remittance services.



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