‘Bithumb’ Strengthens Security by Creating ‘DEFCON’ Security System Bithumb Puts Up a More Powerful Iron Wall Security Program Against Cyber Attacks



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‘Bithumb’ Strengthens Security by Creating ‘DEFCON’ Security System

Bithumb Puts Up a More Powerful Iron Wall Security Program Against Cyber Attacks



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In the midst of the fiery craze surrounding cryptocurrency exchanges, Bithumb is taking active measurements to provide a safe transaction environment for its users.


The world’s top virtual currency stock exchange Bithumb (CEO: Kim, Dae-sik) is taking the lead in providing an iron wall security policy along with a professional support service to allow the users on Bithumb to make safe transactions.


With a “customer-oriented” philosophy, Bithumb has taken the lead in service specialization last July, creating the largest customer service center in Korea. In addition to expanding its 24-hour customer support, the ‘Bithumb Customer Service Center’ provides one-on-one expert support through offline consultations for virtual currency transactions as well as follow-up control. Bithumb has placed expert personnel who are rich in experience regarding transactions and security to each booth, providing customers with a speedy and specialized response. These experts provide consultations on everything from virtual currency transaction methods to the current state of operation, as well as safe and secure transactions. Furthermore, specialized follow-up support services are also provided, which include action plans relating to personal information leakage and financial damage.


The Bithumb customer service center consists of cryptocurrency experts and approximately 200 call center employees. Bithumb’s goal to raise its customer response rate to 100% has minimized customer inconvenience. In addition, Bithumb has implemented foreign-language support in response to the growing needs of foreign customers in a total of three languages: English, Japanese, and Chinese. Bithumb is also currently running a ‘VIP Exclusive Phone Support Center’, which is only offered to VIP customers.


Bithumb is planning to recruit over 100 more operators and become the largest customer service center with 300 employees. Bithumb already plans to construct a 330m-space customer center in Gangbook area later this year, in addition to customer centers in Busan, Daejeon, Gwangju, and Incheon.


Bithumb’s customer asset protection center operates from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM on weekdays, and the 24-hour customer support center operates 365 days a year. It is located near Gangnam station in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.


Bithumb is instilling trust into virtual currency transactions and keeping the transactions made by users stable and secure through a thorough security system.


The aspect that grabs the user’s attention the most is the specialization of a thorough protection system that works to prevent information leakage and hacking. Bithumb is working with a one of the leading companies in Korea dealing with information security to construct a strong information protection management system by running mock hacks, inspecting weak points, and constructing a secure system. In addition, Bithumb is also preparing the ‘DDoS Attack Blocking Clean Zone System’, which allows virtual currency transactions to take place even in the midst of a large-scale DDoS attack by providing monitoring and control for breaches 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Furthermore, the Bithumb website is rudimentarily applying the web firewall WAF (Web Application Firewall) along with high-level encryption equipment that will work with High SSL, SMS verification to prevent falsification of data. With all of this, Bithumb boasts a markedly low percentage of web-based hacks.


Bithumb uses coding that is in compliance with the top 10 standards held by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and regularly runs diagnostic tests to determine weak points in the web service. The exchange site is run separately from the electronic wallet in order to sever any ties connecting the exchange with the electronic wallet, thus preventing any potential damage. Furthermore, Bitcoins, excluding the amount of bitcoins used in a day, are broken up and stored separately in offline disks, and safely stored using a secure program called Escrow. Bithumb also publicizes auditing results at the beginning of the year to all members, clearly revealing the fact that the customers’ assets and deposits are being well managed.



Bithumb is leading the way in constructing a security culture internally as well. It has autonomously established an expert customer protection RM (Risk Management) team and is providing a differentiated secure transactional service for safe virtual currency transactions and everything from incident investigation to system security policies and the construction of incident prevention filters. Bithumb is also periodically running thorough education related to internal security in order to instill a strong consciousness related to informational security in executives and staff members.


A source at Bithumb said, “At Bithumb, we regard the security of the exchange as our highest priority, and we are investing everything into constructing a customer security system,” and added, “we are creating a healthy virtual currency transaction environment in which customers can make secure transactions based on Bithumb’s core philosophy of ‘customer-oriented’ service.”



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