An interview with Snow White: L, who caught a culprit trying to commit a crime using a call-forwarding service




An interview with Snow White:

L, who caught a culprit trying to commit a crime

using a call-forwarding service



Recently, crimes against cryptocurrency exchange clients such as hacking into accounts, voice phishing, and using call forwarding services have been on the rise. To prevent this, we at Bithumb are doing our best to enhance security through ‘security passwords’ as well as ‘obligated OTP log-in’ for clients using OTP, as well as other things. Recently, a person named L from Bithumb’s operations team was able to distinguish a potential criminal using a call-forwarding service from the real client, preventing a potential hacking crime. Our ‘Storyteller’ interviewed the heroine about this incident.


Storyteller (S): Hello. I’ve heard you had quite an incident recently. Before you tell us about it, please introduce yourself.

L: Hello. I’m part of the operations team, and I usually work directly with clients who visit our office. I immediately resolve any problems on-site that our clients encounter while using Bithumb. Sometimes, clients also just come in without much thought because they’re interested in cryptocurrency but don’t know how to make use of it. I teach them various things ranging from how to use their cellphones to how to make an account and use our exchange service. I also work with transferring Korean Won and cryptocurrencies, which, if you are part of the operations team, you should be able to do like a pro.

S: Wow~ That’s a lot of different jobs, but I think the one you’ve just mentioned seems very important. If you don’t mind, how long has it been since you went home?

L: This week is a bit better, so I slept at home for two nights in a row. Today is the third day since I’ve been away from home^^;;

S: Still, your complexion looks beautiful and bright. I’m jealous. Anyway, let’s get to the main story. I heard you stopped someone from trying to hack into a client’s account using a call-forwarding service. Please elaborate on what happened.

L: Sure. Before going into detail, I should talk about our operations team first. Our operations team is on duty 24 hours through a three-shift system. Since we work directly with transfers of Korean Won and cryptocurrency, we keep our lights on day and night. Therefore, you could say that our operations team and customer service team, which takes client calls, are on duty 24 hours.

It was a little past midnight on the night of the incident. I was checking on a withdrawal request. For the sake of convenience, I’ll refer to the client as Mr. A. Mr. A had requested a cryptocurrency withdrawal, but the amount requested was three times higher than usual. What ended up being the decisive factor here was that the IP address was different, and this caused me to immediately call him. After confirming that he was indeed Mr. A, I asked him if he had requested a withdrawal. He said no!

S: Oh, my goodness! So what did you do?

L: Since I confirmed that he indeed was Mr. A and hadn’t requested a withdrawal, I restricted it. I then called Mr. A again to inform and warn him about voice phishing and hacking crimes. However, instead of Mr. A, someone who sounded in their mid-thirties with a completely different voice answered the phone! I calmly asked for him to confirm himself as Mr. A, but he couldn’t answer. So, I said, “My judgment here is that you are not Mr. A. I will now end the call,” and closed the case.

S: Then, in a situation like this, could there have been potential damage resulting from this call-forwarding service?


<To prevent your account from being hacked into, please check these four things!>

L: Yes. As far as telecommunications goes, sometimes the clients are signed up to a call-forwarding service without even knowing about it. Through this interview, I’d like to tell our clients that, to safely use the cryptocurrency exchange, there are a few things that they need to pay attention to in order to help out with Bithumb’s efforts for enhanced security.

First, please check to see if you are signed up for a call forwarding service. Call forwarding services are often bundled within additional services, so please make sure to check this out.

Second, please use a password for the cryptocurrency exchange that is completely different from your usual passwords. Hacking into accounts starts with an easy and commonly used password. We ask that you periodically change your password.

Third, never share your account with anyone for a consigned investment. This is what we always tell our clients who visit our office. We often have incidents where our elderly clients trust their accounts to be managed by someone else and run into trouble. We ask that you manage your account and deals yourself.

This is getting long, but one last thing I’d like to say is that Bithumb’s operations team and customer service will never for your OTP and security passwords.


If you receive any calls requesting such information, please call our customer service line at 1661-5551 or [email protected]

A big thanks to L, who never stopped smiling despite doing the interview at such a late time. The interview area was very warm and friendly, and the camera flashes made it feel like a photo shoot 🙂



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