Bithumb Global User Guide




Bithumb Global User Guide




The following information contains answers frequently asked questions.

Please refer to this Global User Guide below.

For further questions, please call us at 82-1661-5551.


Q1. Can foreigners register at Bithumb?

Yes, you can register at Bithumb. Cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal are currently available

if you have a Korean bank account and have completed the Level 2 verification.


Q2. How can I register?

1. Click ‘Sign-up’ at the top-right portion of the main page.

2. Fill out the registration form.

3. Agree to ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’.

4. Review all information and click ‘Sign-up’.


Q3. I did not receive an SMS (text message) registration confirmation. What should I do?

1. Delays can arise so please allow time before your next try.

2. Check the number and country code you provided.

3. If you will still did not receive an SMS after a number of attempts,

    please contact your telecommunication service provider about spam options.


Q4. I can’t sign in after completing my registration. What should I do?

Try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Check the password and try again.

2. Use Google Chrome.

3. Check if your sign-in option is based on your email address or mobile number.

4. Close your browser and restart your computer.


Q5. What is the withdrawal process?                               

KRW Withdrawals require at least Level 2 verification.

1. Go to ‘Wallet’, then click ‘Withdrawal’.

2. Specify the amount you would like to withdraw.

3. Select your bank, enter your account number, then click ‘Account search’.

4. Account Holder’s name will automatically show up.

5. Click ‘Request’ and wait for the authentication code sent via SMS.

6. Enter the authentication code you received.

7. Enter your security password in the next field.

8. Click ‘KRW withdrawal request’.


Cryptocurrency Withdrawals require at least Level 2 verification if you are using a Korean mobile carrier.

1. Go to ‘Wallet’, then click ‘Withdrawal’.

2. From the list on the left-hand side, select the cryptocurrency you would like to withdraw.

3. Enter the address of the receiving account.

4. Specify the amount you would like to withdraw.

5. Click ‘Request’ and wait for the authentication code sent via SMS.

6. Enter the authentication code you received.

7. Enter your security password on the next blank field.

8. Click ‘Request for withdrawal of XXXX’.

Withdrawal requests will be processed in due order.


Q6. How can I get a Level 2 verification?

If you are using a Korean mobile carrier, we recommend you to process the verification

using your mobile phone.

1. On the Bithumb homepage, click ‘My Page’ and select ‘Authentication’. 

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click ‘ID confirmation with cell phone’.

     Follow the rest of the instructions.


If you are not using a Korean mobile carrier or is experiencing verification problems

using a mobile phone, please follow these steps:

1. On the Bithumb homepage, go to ‘Customer Support’, then click ‘Attach proof resources’.

2. Change the purpose of your submission from ‘Withdrawal’ to ‘Level 2 Verification’.  

3. Upload a clear image of your passport.

    After a successful upload, your request will be automatically processed.


Q7. What is Identification ID with note?

For some requests such as ‘Reset OTP’ or ‘Reset Security Password’, you will need to submit

two valid ID pictures with a handwritten note.

The note should contain the following information:

1. Type of request. (Eg. To reset OTP)

2. User ID – This could be your email address or mobile number depending on your account type.

3. Date of submission.

4. Picture of ID with the handwritten note. 

5. Picture of you holding your ID and the handwritten note.

    Please note that your face should be visible for comparison.


Q8. How can I protect my coins from hackers?

Bithumb users are protected by the login password and 4-digit security password.

In order to further protect your account, we recommend you to set up a Google OTP that requires you

to input the OTP key in order to withdraw. As such, hackers will not be able to access your asset

unless they have a direct access to your OTP.

We also provide SMS notifications, notifying you of new log-ins

and you can always check your log-in history at [My Page] – [Access Information].

Additionally, Bithumb is covered by an insurance up to 6 billion KRW for financial incidents

and other security breaches including personal information leaks.

Bithumb’s security standard matches that of major banks in Korea.


Q9. There is an error on OTP process. Can you explain how it works?

1. Download and install the Google Authentication app from Play Store(Android) or AppStore(iPhone)

2. Your mobile device should synchronize the time automatically according to your time zone.

Otherwise, the Google authentication app cannot generate a valid code.



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