User Guide for Bithumb (Sign up/ User Level)




User Guide for Bithumb (Sign up/ User Level)


Guide for Usage

Level 1: Complete Sign up process (Email confirmation, Cellphone verification both required)

When Sign up, your name must be written “Surname”, “First name” like in the passport.

For Business customers, please write your Company’s representative’s name.

When withdrawal, the owner of the bank account is being checked so writing an incorrect name will delay or stop the withdrawal.


  Level 2: Submit the Individual/ Business verification documents (a copy of passport/ business license)

Please take a photo or scan the Personal information page on the passport and send it by E-mail.

For Business customers, please submit a copy of your representative’s passport and the business license.

Completing “Level 2” verification will allow all services in Bithumb

Within the limited amount, BTC/ETH/KRW deposit and withdrawal are available.

※ Please check if all files are submitted. Otherwise, the verification process will not proceed.


  Level 3: Submit the individual pledge (fill in)

Individual pledge form can be found, after sign-in. Go to “My Page>Verification” then fill in and submit.

Please submit the copy of your passport; otherwise, Level 3 verification will not proceed.

“Level 3” verification will be complete after the administrator checks the submitted document.

Completing “Level 3” verification will increase the limited amount of your transactions.


  Level 4: Submit the address confirmation document

Send us any document issued within 3 months by government or mail-envelope sent to your address

(such as card bill, electricity bill, gas bill, phone bill, invoice and etc.)

Please take a photo or scan the address confirmation document and send it by e-mail.

Completing “Lever 4” verification will allow your transactions with the maximum amount



Submitting a copy of your passport after sign-up will allow the customer to use Bithumb freely.

Please prepare a copy of the passport, address confirmation document, business license in advance.

Individual pledge is submitted at

Submit confirmation related documents to [email protected]

※ Check your withdrawal limit daily/monthly :


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